Paweł Śmieciuch

He is the founder and originator of the DRUM BEAT drum school - a drummer with many years of stage experience.

He began his musical education at the age of eight.

A graduate of the F. Chopin music school in Będzin, in the percussion class of Adam Polachowski, and of the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music - Institute of Jazz and Stage Music in Katowice, in the percussion class of dr Adam Buczek.

He participated in many music projects and recording sessions containing various styles of light music such as jazz, blues, pop, funk, fusion, pop-rock and heavy metal.

He played snare sequences in the Tarabans rudimentary band, toured the country and abroad in various groups performing jazz and entertainment music.

Former drummer of the popular band FRONTSIDE, where he participated in the recording of albums:

"... Beginning of the era ..." EP
"Ours is the kingdom, power and glory forever ..." LP
"Our is the kingdom, power and the glory ..." LP (english ver.)
"... and forgive us our sins ... 'LP
'... and forgive us our sins ... "LP (english ver.)
"Twilight of the Gods" LP
"Twilight of the gods" LP (english ver.)


BLACK GANG - reactge
CARTEL S.C. - hip-hop / hardcore

100 MUSHROOM TV SHOWERS - crossover
ROZUMAKY - folk / jazz

LILA TRIO - jazz

Winner of the Fryderyk Award in 2003 - the Album of the Year category - Heavy Metal

Playing this kind of music he shared the stage many times with the most popular heavy metal groups, among others: Iron Maiden, Acid Drinkers, Funeral for a friend, Sepultura, Vader, Behemoth, Vesania, Nile, Kreator, Madball, Cro-Mags, Kat, Darkane , All Out War, Crionics or Decapitated. He is interested in and is open to all music styles from Jazz, fusion, Latin, R&B, funk to heavy heavy metal varieties - because as he says: the art is to find yourself in many styles - not only in the chosen one, you need to learn and develop time.
Currently, he conducts educational activities, is involved in various music projects as a session musician, often works with students and graduates of the Katowice Academy of Music.